Denmark's advertising in Lebanon discourages refugees from being granted a lack of humanity

The Danish government has advertised in several newspapers in Lebanon that Denmark is ready to tighten refugee policy
In order to prevent refugees from going to Denmark for asylum, the Danish government on August 8 in several newspapers in Lebanon advertise that Denmark is ready to tighten refugee policy. According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" reported that in order to prevent refugees to Denmark to seek asylum, the Danish government yesterday in Lebanon, a number of newspapers and periodicals advertising, indicating that Denmark is ready to receive the United States, the United States, the United States, Tight refuge refuge policy, attracted "lack of human nature" attack. The Danish government yesterday announced that the Danish government's policy of refugee asylum, pointing out that Denmark has decided to tighten immigration policy, applicants must now wait at least 5 Year to obtain permanent residence, the benefits received by a substantial reduction of 50% over the past, for the repatriation of the repatriated speed will also be accelerated. Not only in the Lebanese press, but also on the official website of the Danish government in 10 different languages ​​to explain the latest refugee policy, but also through social networking sites, and Danish refugee shelters announcement. Inger Stoejberg, head of the Danish integration department, told TV2 that the purpose of advertising was to discourage immigrants from choosing to travel to Denmark, and she thought "it was a good idea." The Danish government's approach is highly disgruntled. The EUobserver quoted a 40-year-old Lebanese woman saying that while the Danish government is starting from protecting the position of its citizens, "but we are more concerned with the human rights of Syrian refugees." In order to express dissatisfaction with the position of the Danish government, "We welcome you to Denmark" (We welcome you to Denmark) platform immediately in Facebook (Facebook) was established, and has been more than 23,000 people praise, the platform says, "We are not everyone like the Minister of the world, the Danish government."

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